Metrology chips and wafers for semiconductor process control

Our expertise

At Chipmetrics, we provide innovative metrology chips and wafers for semiconductor process control.

The applications of our cutting-edge solutions are in thin film process development, tool qualification, and quality assurance across semiconductor and advanced material manufacturing.

We are a leading expert in conformality measurements for thin films by using 3D high aspect ratio test elements.

State of the art

High aspect ratio structures, new materials, and tighter geometries are challenges to semiconductor suppliers for process tools, materials, and inspection and test to meet the complex requirements of 3D.

Innovative Measurement Tools​

We provide productized test chips and their analysis expertise for demanding 3D applications of thin films.

3D Metrology made simple​​

Our experts help you to get conformality information fast and accurately.

Our company

Chipmetrics Ltd is ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) technology company that provides innovative metrology solutions to accelerate 3D megatrends in semiconductors. Our main product – PillarHall test chip – is developed for advanced thin film process conformality characterization to accelerate applications of conformal 3D thin films.

Qualified operations


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  • Country of origin: Finland, EU
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