Metrology chips and wafers for semiconductor process control


Chipmetrics Ltd, is an ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) technology company and the market leader of productized 3D ultra-high aspect ratio test elements for semiconductor and advanced material. “Our mission is to support our customers in the development of Atomic Layer Processes and their 3D applications by offering innovative, fast, and accurate measurement solutionsWe are a global company with headquarters in Finland. Chipmetrics has a global sales and support network with representative in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, USA and South Korea. Today, Chipmetrics test structures are used in production from large manufacturers to start-ups and leading research institutions around the world

Our core competences


        Atomic Layer Deposition and Atomic layer processes

        MEMS design, manufacturing, and sales

      Silicon wafer process integration and manufacturing

        Optical measurement solutions

        Thin film process development and related materials science

        System integration and software for automation

     Global sales and partner network in microelectronics and advanced materials industry

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