Metrology chips and wafers for semiconductor process control

PillarHall LHAR4

PillarHall LHAR4 silicon test chip contains Lateral High Aspect Ratio test structures for ALD and CVD thin film characterization. It is used as a measurement tool for thin film conformality and thin film side wall properties in a deep trench.


  • Accurate, fast and easy measurements

  • No cross-sectioning, no destructive sampling

  • Ultra high aspect ratios (>1000)

  • Simple measurements by existing lab tools

  • Wide compatibility to various conditions (temperature, pressure)

Cost efficient measurement tool

PillarHall’s innovative approach reduces measurement costs by eliminating the need for destructive sample preparation, special analytical tools, specialist users, and special expensive services.

Ensure quality
Without cross-sectioning

Fast and easy measurement tool

Conformality is challenging to measure and quantify since standardized measurement methods do not exist. Traditional vertical test structures typically rely on tedious and time-consuming cross-sectional SEM/TEM analyses. The lateral 3D approach of PillarHallĀ® enables fast, easy, and accurate measurement without cross-sectioning and destructive sampling.

Analysis process

1. Deposit the thin film

2. Remove the top membrane

3. Measure

4. Analyze


  • Conformality in ALD/CVD
  • Properties of the film on the side wall
  • Plasma-enhanced ALD/CVD development
  • Kinetic modeling of ALD/ALE
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Comparison between processes
  • Wafer level conformality measurements

PillarHall special models

Chipmetrics provides Pillarhall special models with variables such as gap height, layout design, chip size, and electrical conductivity.
Ā We have various versions from earlier Research and development batches.
Please contact us for more information.