Chipmetrics unveils 300 mm product line at APCM Europe 2024

The next evolution of metrology wafers and PillarHall will be demonstrated at the Chipmetrics booth in Hamburg, April 16–18.

Joensuu, Finland – April 4th, 2024 – Chipmetrics Oy, an innovative metrology solutions provider to the semiconductor industry, will premiere its new ALD/CVD (Atomic Layer Deposition/Chemical Vapor Deposition) conformality test tools for 300-millimeter processes at APCM Europe. The new and extended metrology wafer family takes all the benefits of the PillarHall test device to the industry-standard 300-millimeter format, making it significantly faster to qualify film deposition processes for large-scale mass production of semiconductors with higher accuracy.

At APCM Europe, Chipmetrics invites visitors to explore the benefits of how metrology wafers and the PillarHall test solution can help speed up their semiconductor R&D and improve process monitoring.

“Our Pocket Wafer will help build on our successful pilot projects with the original PillarHall test chip and we look forward to helping clients speeding up development of their next-generation chips with it. With the semiconductor industry increasingly leaning on AI tools we should also remember that any AI is only as good as the data it must work with,” says Thomas Werner, Head of Metrology Wafer Business at Chipmetrics. “Our products give engineers quick access to accurate data, allowing them to iterate their processes much quicker than before. We’ve already had success with clients in Japan, and we’re eager to find additional European clients to run pilot projects with.”

As the European Union aims for a 20-percent semiconductor market share by value by the year 2030, Chipmetrics is supporting its efforts to move up the value chain. Today’s relatively simple and inexpensive chips produced within the union will inevitably move to the complex 3D-stacked chips of tomorrow. The EU’s most advanced production capabilities that will come online by 2030, will be centered around Germany with Intel and TSMC establishing new facilities there.

“We are glad to see steps being taken to ensure that Europe once again becomes competitive in this field. Germany is our European focus market, we’re already part of Silicon Saxony and we’re looking to do more business with European semiconductor players from Germany,” says Mikko Utriainen, CEO at Chipmetrics.

The 22nd edition of APCM (Advanced Process control and Manufacturing) Europe takes place April 16–18, 2024 at CinemaxX in Hamburg, Germany. Aside from Chipmetrics, semiconductor industry heavyweights such as Applied Materials, Bosch, Osram, Infineon and STMicroelectronics will participate in the event.

About Chipmetrics
Chipmetrics Oy develops and delivers metrology solutions for manufacturing processes for the semiconductor industry, focusing on innovative metrology chips and ALD measurement services. Its main product is the PillarHall® metrology chip for near-instantaneous thin film process conformality measurement. Founded in 2019, its head office is in Joensuu, Finland, with employees and sales partners in Japan, South Korea, USA, and Germany.

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Editor’s note on ALD:
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a precision thin-film deposition technique crucial for semiconductor manufacturing, enabling the production of uniform and conformal layers essential for microelectronic devices. Through alternating exposure to precursor gases that react with the substrate in a self-limiting manner, ALD achieves atomic-level control over film thickness and composition. This method ensures exceptional uniformity across complex geometries, vital for the miniaturized, multi-layered structures such as the future’s 3D chips in advanced semiconductor devices, keeping Moore’s Law alive.

Finland plays a key role in the ALD landscape, having pioneered the process in the 1970s. Finland’s contribution to ALD includes significant advancements in materials science, equipment design, and the exploration of new applications ranging from electronics to renewable energy sectors. The country’s strong emphasis on research and development in nanotechnology has positioned it as a hub for ALD innovation, fostering collaborations between academia, industry, and research organizations worldwide.

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