Conformality Research Competition

50th anniversary of ALD will be celebrated in AVS 24th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2024) in August 2024 in Helsinki, Finland namely in the place where ALD was born.

One of the most important benefit of ALD is conformal thin films for the most advanced 3D semiconductor applications. However, conformality and related physical phenomenon of thin film growth are not well-known. We believe that improving knowledge and understanding of conformal film growth accelerates development of next-gen 3D semiconductors devices.

As part of our commitment to fueling leading edge academic thin film conformality research we are thrilled to announce a highly advantageous academic campaign just for you!

What’s On Offer?

For a limited time and for a reserved amount of material, we are offering an astounding 50% discount FOR ACADEMIC RESEARCH GROUPS on PillarHall test chips. The discount is limited to a maximum of 10 chips per group and is only available as long as the reserved material is available and the latest by 10.01.2024. Just giving time to submit a paper to ALD2024 including your conformality studies.

Your Chance to Shine – With a Prize to Win!

Impress jury with your findings and stand a chance to win a prize. Stay tuned for more details about the prize!

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Be a Part of the Competition:

To take part in this exciting competition use PillarHall test chips in your research and submit a paper to the ALD 2024 conference.

Alternatively, if you’re already a user of PillarHall test chips, you’re equally welcome to participate. For more information, visit or contact us directly at

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