Chipmetrics from Finland to Attend JSAP Spring Meeting 2024

Helping speed up development and manufacturing of 3D semiconductor devices with Japanese companies key goal for Finnish startup, with Kokusai Electric and Meidensha R&D projects already published.

Joensuu, Finland/Tokyo, Japan – March 13, 2024 – Chipmetrics Oy, an innovative metrology solutions provider to the semiconductor industry, announces its participation in the 71st Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Spring Meeting. Visitors to the conference are invited to attend Chipmetrics CTO Feng Gao’s poster presentation titled Thin-Film Conformality: An Integration of LHAR Structures with Optical Techniques, to be held on March 23rd, 09:30–11:30 (JST).

“I am grateful and happy to have the opportunity to talk at the prestigious JSAP Spring Meeting about our progress in speeding up 3D semiconductor processes with our unique metrology chips and how we can work with lateral high aspect ratios,” says Feng Gao, Chipmetrics CTO, a Finnish resident since 2004. “With our roots in the long-standing Finnish ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) scene, our PillarHall test chips and metrology solutions help clients such as Kokusai Electric and Meidensha create new processes, optimize them and speed up time to market.”

Kokusai Electric presented its advanced thin film measurement and analysis concept for the semiconductor industry at JSAP’s 2022 Spring Meeting[i], while Meidensha showcased studies centered around pure ozone generation for Atomic Layer Deposition applications at ALD 2023[ii].

These research projects were enabled by Chipmetrics’s PillarHall[iii] test chip, which allows for quick and easy measurement of ALD films with tools that already exist in semiconductor research labs. With PillarHall, cross-sectional analyses are no longer needed, which can reduce the time required to verify measurements from as much as weeks to as little as ten minutes.

About Chipmetrics
Chipmetrics Oy develops and delivers metrology solutions for manufacturing processes for the semiconductor industry, focusing on innovative metrology chips and ALD measurement services. Its main product is the PillarHall® metrology chip for near-instantaneous thin film process conformality measurement. Founded in 2019, its head office is in Joensuu, Finland, with employees and sales partners in Japan, South Korea, USA, and Germany.

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