Webinar on Metrology toolbox for ALD processing in high aspect ratio structures.

Expert Insights and Innovative Solutions in Conformality Measurements for ALD Processes.

We are glad to announce the successful completion of our first webinar of Chipmetrics webinar series on “Metrology Toolbox for ALD Processing in High Aspect Ratio Structures.” The webinar, hosted by Chipmetrics, brought together industry experts, researchers, and professionals from the semiconductor community, providing a platform for invaluable insights and knowledge sharing.

Esteemed speaker Dr. Anish Philip, made a comprehensive presentation on “PillarHall: Simplifying Conformality Measurement Challenges in High Aspect Ratio Structures.” The webinar explored the latest advancements in metrology tools and highlighted the exceptional capabilities of PillarHall, an innovative solution developed by Chipmetrics, in addressing conformality measurement challenges.

The webinar fostered engaging discussions, with participants actively contributing their expertise and posing thought-provoking questions. We extend our sincere gratitude to all attendees for their enthusiastic participation, which contributed to the success of this event.

For those who missed the webinar or wish to revisit the informative session, we are excited to share the recording of the webinar on our Youtube channel. Click on the link below to access the webinar recording and gain valuable insights into metrology tools for ALD processing:

To further enhance your understanding, we have also made the presentation slides available for download. Simply follow the link below to access the slides:

We encourage you to share these resources with your colleagues and peers who may benefit from the knowledge shared during the webinar. Together, let’s continue to drive innovation and excellence.

Stay tuned for future updates, as we remain committed to bringing you the latest advancements and hosting more engaging events.

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